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[dc]W[/dc]e have this new conversation going on these days, and it’s been dubbed, “the abortion wars”. It plays on past issues and present concerns and basically all of it revolves around whether or not a woman should have the right to terminate her own pregnancy if she so chooses to — for whatever reasons she may have.

The socio-political conversation touches on the subjects of modern Christian ethics and puts forth the question: Should abortion once again be made illegal, and if so, should there be any exception to the rule, such as in the case of rape or incest?

If you ride the wave of this conversation, you may find yourself unconsciously manipulated by the political machine. This manipulation has us skipping over victories that were fought for and won over 30 years ago. When abortion became legal, an idea was introduced; women could choose to terminate their pregnancy — for whatever reason — and the procedure would be done in a safe environment by a skilled physician with a successful result. Women would never again have to risk their lives at the hands of the infamous ‘wire hanger’ abortionist.

Abortion is ALWAYS going to take place, whether it’s legal or not. As long as men and women have sex, there will be unwanted pregnancies. Whether conception takes place because of rape, incest, true love, teenage irresponsibility or lack of birth control — abortion will always be needed, whether one likes the idea or not. Abolishing it isn’t going to teach humans to become suddenly more responsible, or ethical…because people are people. They make mistakes. That’s what makes them human. Since it’s going to happen anyway, it’s great to know that a woman can have this procedure done in a clean, well-managed environment.

Now, there’s a new line of thinking being sold that assumes we’re ready to leave that fight behind us and return to the old ways, where abortion is not only illegal, but also thought to be evil and unethical. Faith-based politicians are now polluting our every social avenue with this their chokingly misogynistic agenda — all things female need to be questioned and answered by Republican men.

And, during this onslaught, this war on women, we’re being told that if abortion is once again outlawed, the powers that be might cut us some slack — if we’ve been raped. That is, of course, after they define what rape is, because, as we all have learned by now — it has to be “legitimate”.

Realities such as Roe v. Wade are now meant to be perceived as old nuisances, something that we obviously don’t need to see as long-term ideas… Hey! We fought and won this war already!

I’ve got this really simply idea. Inherently, it should please everybody, because it doesn’t tread on anyone’s toes:

You don’t want an abortion? Don’t get one.

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  1. Marie Benesh

    Dori – that is exactly what I’ve been thinking recently. Don’t want it? Then don’t do it!

    But don’t get in my way if I choose what you do not. This attitude is not unique to abortion, either. There is a war on women and a war on personal liberties of all kinds.

    And you are right, we fought this war and won it long ago. I’m hoping we can educate those women who are too young to remember the hell that women went through without skilled physicians to go to.

    And while I’m at it, I just can’t get over the dissonance between “pro-life” and “let’s cut free lunch and head-start.” There is a mentality of “Have that baby, but don’t you dare ask me to help you after it is born.”

    Okay, I’m done. See, you get me started! Thank you for keeping this topic in the forefront!

    • Dori Hartley

      Oh Marie, do you make some good points here, especially with the “have that baby, but don’t ask me for help” remark. I still can’t get over how the male side of this is never EVER picked apart, as in, it takes two to tango and “wham bam thank you ma’am” ain’t gonna cut it!
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Jimmy

    As with the right to vote, this was the greatest victory passed for woman’s rights. If this had been legal in my Mother’s day, it would have saved a frightened 15 yr old a lot of heartache. But no, she was forced into having me and her life was never the same afterwards. I worry for the other girls & women out there, counting down to election day to see if there rights will be revoked.

    • Dori Hartley

      Thank you for your comment and for your support, Jimmy. I have heard stories that are truly frightening as well. You mother had you, which turned out to be a great thing. But, had she wanted an abortion back then, she might have found herself in a much worse situation than being 15 and pregnant. Women died during these procedures, and if they didn’t die, many of them lost the ability to conceive.

  3. KT

    “Abortion is ALWAYS going to take place, whether it’s legal or not” It’s happening in countries where it is illegal.

    • Dori Hartley

      Of course it is. It just goes to show that it really doesn’t matter if people think it’s wrong or right, it’s going on anyway and it’s endangering the lives of women. Tsk. What a crying shame. Thanks for your comment.


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