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[dc]W[/dc]ith so many great articles written by so many wonderful authors, we found that after a year’s worth of VB goodness, the only right thing to do was to compile a short list of the very best we had to offer. venus-blogs has attracted great writers from all over — never a dull moment here! Please read and enjoy what we like to think of as The Best of venus-blogs.

Happy reading!

The Best in Health and Awareness:

Mastectomy: A Lesson in Vulnerability

Fat Shaming Meets Comic Art

How We Perceive Our Own Beauty

When Awareness Leads to Desensitization

The Teacher Who Dared to Say Vagina

Fetish From the Editor

The Best in Comic Relief:

I’ll Have the Rack of Clam, Please


My Vagina Is…

What is this “normal sex” you speak of?

The Measure of a Man

Punanny Politics

The Best in Menopause:

You’re a Rock n Roll Menopause

No Fan of Menopause

Menopause Monday: Joint Pain, HRT

Menopause Mondays: Aging Gracefully

Menopause Monday: Vaginal Atrophy

The Best Guest Author Essays:

Joey Bettis
Girls Will be Boys

Linda Hill
Pussy Defined

Tameka Mullins
The White Stuff of Nightmares

Rev. Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato:
Why I am Bi-Sexual

Esmée St James
Ménage à Trois – When is three a crowd?

Jaguar Jones
Musings of a Menopausal Bitch

Linda Hill
Flying the Coop

The Best Poetry:
Lyn Rochelle
Lost at Sea

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