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[dc]W[/dc]hat a week. With the election behind us now, we have a chance to reflect upon everything that affected us so intensely throughout the campaign on the subject of women, rape, birth control and abortion.

If anything good came out of all that stress and worry, it was the awareness of the fact that there really are people out there who are ripe and ready to turn the clock backwards to the oppressive world of the 1950s powerless but oh-so-wifely female.

I always thought that even the idea of one grand movement to rip the rights of women away was not only arrogant, but laughable. I could never wrap my mind around the concept that women were even in a position that one could negate with ridiculous concepts such as “taking rights away”. I am who I am. I don’t give another human being the option of taking my rights away. When I think of the men who concern themselves with what I do with my body, my skin crawls.

Hey you! Yeah, you the religious and righteous fiends who believe only in “my way or the highway” — How perverted are you to be thinking about my vagina all day and all night?

And to bring law into it, as if YOU and your holier-than-thou archaic thinking bears any resemblance as to what’s right for me! Ah, the hubris of your ways. Do you prepare your speeches while admiring yourself in the mirror?

You dare come between me and my choice? You dare tell me what to do with my body, my health — my mind? Ha!

For many women, these are the thoughts that came up over the last few months. Between what’s-his-name-Akin, and some of the other rape specialists and their vaginal obsession… these are the thoughts that came to the foreground of everybody’s mind, thoughts that rapidly morphed into a warrior stance. Forced once again to defend ourselves, we all became ninjas — and we attacked back. And, as everyone knows, ninjas always win.

So now… abortion, as it stands, will remain accessible and safe. Birth control will not be classified as a specialty medication, and rape will remain known as the vile and putrid act that it’s always been — one that is always “legitimate” and may result in pregnancy.

And women… women will rule the earth.

On behalf of the Manhattan Centers, I wish you all a healthy and happy life.

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  1. two cents

    For me the election reveled that I, like many other young women have taken our rights for granted. We know suffrage won us the right to vote, that the feminist movement of the 60’s and 70’s brought us a voice towards equality and we misguidedly assumed that those rights our four mothers fought for were unwavering. The truth is that rights are earned they’re fought for, they are not privelege. Let us not forget the voices and the multitude of women who have given us the ability to enjoy our rights. I now realize that my naivety blinded me to the reality i have always known, we are not equal, not yet. Equality in America, though advanced for a modern state, has not reached it’s promise or it’s potential it’s become a product of our complacency.


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