Gabrielle Vaughn | VenusBlogs Editor at Large
Art by Angel Ortiz

[dc]W[/dc]e made it! The Mayans proved that they were much better at body modification, tattoo artistry and jewelry design than they were at calendar making. Score one for the home team! We lived.

And now… we have 2013 to look forward to.

Do any of you feel a sort of obligation to make this next year a better one? I do. There was something about 2012 that was so instantly filled with doom and gloom right from the beginning, and I think we all approached it with an innate dread. I think 2012 saw some fairly awful events as well, and I think it’s about time we make the effort to change things. We can no longer live in a world that dedicates it’s time to destructive ideas. We need to use the feminine energy — all that hokey stuff that we were taught we had, like: intuition, nurturing, kindness, compassion — all the stuff that comes with the stereotype of being female. Because you know what? It can’t hurt!

Let’s look at 2013 as a year where, with the power of our minds, we will spark off a healing vibration that will potentially change the destructive forces into positive change.

As women, we have this power. You know it’s true. And it starts with the words, “I am going to change for the good.” Words become actions, and actions become revolution. Believe in your own power.

This is the year where we all must:
Take care of our health.
Believe in our own beautiful form.
Accept nothing less than quality when it comes to what we take into our bodies and minds.
Be true to ourselves.
Live in the present and stop dwelling in the past.
Live in the present and stop dwelling on the future.
Love others.
Love ourselves.

So, what are some of your resolutions for this upcoming year?

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