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Venus Blogs http://venusblogs.com Venus Blogs - Real Talk for Women Tue, 26 Apr 2016 17:06:30 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Depression in Perimenopause and Menopause: Understanding the Power of Your Internal Dialogue – Part II http://venusblogs.com/depression-in-perimenopause-and-menopause-understanding-the-power-of-your-internal-dialogue-part-ii/ http://venusblogs.com/depression-in-perimenopause-and-menopause-understanding-the-power-of-your-internal-dialogue-part-ii/#respond Tue, 26 Apr 2016 17:06:30 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/depression-in-perimenopause-and-menopause-understanding-the-power-of-your-internal-dialogue-part-ii/ I would like to continue a bit more on the topic of a chemical imbalance causing depression. And then we can discuss the power of internal dialogue a bit more as well. I’ve already established my position.  But, I think it’s important that you understand I’m not just pulling these ideas out of thin air. This […]

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[GIVEAWAY] Subscriptions To New Feeln Video Streaming Service & Roku Sticks http://venusblogs.com/giveaway-subscriptions-to-new-feeln-video-streaming-service-roku-sticks-2/ http://venusblogs.com/giveaway-subscriptions-to-new-feeln-video-streaming-service-roku-sticks-2/#respond Fri, 22 Apr 2016 14:20:04 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/giveaway-subscriptions-to-new-feeln-video-streaming-service-roku-sticks-2/

Millions of women are joining the movement to ditch their cable TV, frustrated and tired of shelling ridiculous fees every month to get dozens of premium movie channels that hardly ever offer them films they love. And, they’re turning to new streaming services, like Feeln, that offer them movies and shows with the emotionally rich stories they desire, but without the endless browsing.

Be the one lucky FOF who gets to win a 10-year subscription to Feeln (a $239.99 value), or one of two others who will win a year’s subscription to Feeln.

Plus, each winner’s prize package will include a Roku Streaming Stick ($49.99 value) that plugs right into the back of a TV’s HDMI port and comes with a remote to stream shows, movies, and music from subscription services like Feeln.

The Eleventh is a Feeln original dramatic series you’ll want to watch right away, starring superb actress Cloris Leachman. Launching May 5th, it follows a young girl’s journey as she gets to know her long-estranged grandmother, after the death of her mom, despite the strenuous objections of her father.

Enter to win one of three Feeln subscriptions and Roku Sticks by filling out the form below. The contest ends Friday, May 6th.

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3 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes May 6, 2016 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.


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[GIVEAWAY] Subscriptions to New Feeln Video Streaming Service & Roku Sticks http://venusblogs.com/giveaway-subscriptions-to-new-feeln-video-streaming-service-roku-sticks/ http://venusblogs.com/giveaway-subscriptions-to-new-feeln-video-streaming-service-roku-sticks/#respond Fri, 22 Apr 2016 14:20:04 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/giveaway-subscriptions-to-new-feeln-video-streaming-service-roku-sticks/

I fell in love with Cloris Leachman in the seventies, when she played Phyllis Lindstrom, Mary’s nosy and self-centered landlady on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Her comedic delivery and sense of timing were exceptional. Cloris, about to turn 90, still is going strong. You won’t want to miss her superb performance in the new original dramatic series, The Eleventh, launching May 5th exclusively on Feeln, an exciting new video streaming service.

The Eleventh follows a young girl’s journey as she gets to know her long-estranged grandmother, after the death of her mom, despite the strenuous objections of her father.


One lucky FOF will get to win a 10-year subscription to Feeln (a $239.99 value), and two others will win a year’s subscription to Feeln, so they can watch The Eleventh, plus hundreds of other shows and movies that have been curated especially for women who love emotionally rich stories.

And, each winner’s prize package will include a Roku Streaming Stick ($49.99 value) that plugs right into the back of a TV’s HDMI port and comes with a remote to stream shows, movies, and music from subscription services like Feeln. These are prizes guaranteed to provide you endless hours of joy.

EL015_TheEleventhAd_FB_R7 (1)

Feeln represents the new way to watch movies and shows that you know you’ll love, instead of futilely flipping through endless cable channels, and paying ridiculously high bills every single month!

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rokuThen, after you’ve entered, tell us your biggest complaint about your cable service. Contest ends Friday, May 6th.

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3 FOFs will win. (See official rules, here.) Contest closes May 6, 2016 at midnight E.S.T. Contest limited to residents of the continental U.S.


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Depression in Perimenopause and Menopause: Understanding the Power of Your Internal Dialogue http://venusblogs.com/depression-in-perimenopause-and-menopause-understanding-the-power-of-your-internal-dialogue/ http://venusblogs.com/depression-in-perimenopause-and-menopause-understanding-the-power-of-your-internal-dialogue/#respond Thu, 21 Apr 2016 14:11:27 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/depression-in-perimenopause-and-menopause-understanding-the-power-of-your-internal-dialogue/ In the first post in the Depression in Perimenopause and Menopause series, I discussed my upbringing and the impact I believe it had in the development of chronic depression in my life. I stated in that post, that I do not believe chronic depression (or clinical depression if that is what you wish to call […]

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HEALTHY HABIT: Kick-Start Your Spring Fitness Tune-Up #NoMatterWhat http://venusblogs.com/healthy-habit-kick-start-your-spring-fitness-tune-up-nomatterwhat/ http://venusblogs.com/healthy-habit-kick-start-your-spring-fitness-tune-up-nomatterwhat/#respond Thu, 21 Apr 2016 10:42:05 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/healthy-habit-kick-start-your-spring-fitness-tune-up-nomatterwhat/ woman-on-scaleThis winter I grew a bit lax about my exercise program, thanks to a busier-than-usual work and travel schedule, and a few extra family commitments (such as visiting far-flung colleges with my high school senior).

Result? A higher number on my scale and tighter fitting jeans. Yikes!

Now, though, I’m determined to kick-start my routine again, especially because . . . I’M RUNNING IN THE NEW YORK CITY MARATHON IN NOVEMBER! Yep, you read right. In a few months I will be running a course that is 26.2 miles long to celebrate my 60th birthday (which is in December) and to raise funds for colon cancer research.Marathon photo

Most of you are probably not training to run in a marathon, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get back on track with exercise. Whatever your fitness level is, or how your body is changing–and believe me, it DOES change with each passing year–don’t give up on moving your body every day!

Many women I know stop exercising, even walking, because of a sensitive bladder, which can often cause bladder leaks. As the spokesperson for Always Discreet and fierce advocate of positive aging, I urge you to get out there and live your life, laugh all you want, don’t fear a good sneeze, and definitely embark on a fitness program. Don’t stop having fun because of an occasional bladder leak.

Over 40 million American women over 40 share this experience, and if you’re one of them, I encourage you to do three simple things:

  1. Talk with your doctor
  2. Do Kegel exercises every day to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles
  3. Wear the right protection so you can live your life to the fullest.

Always Discreet has a full line of products to address your specific need, and help you feel like bladder leaks are #NoBigDeal! 

If you’re one of the millions of women who experience bladder leaks, go to AlwaysDiscreet.com for info on how to get a sample and money-saving coupons.

While most of you won’t be training for a marathon (but let me know if you are!), here are some tips to get back on track with your fitness program, starting today:

Run or walk. Take a cue from those who practice high-intensity interval training (HITT): Run or walk at your fastest pace for 30 seconds, then slow it down for 30 seconds. Repeat this sequence for about 30 minutes total.

Start strength training. I’ve become a bit obsessive about my daily push-ups, squats and planks. Each of these exercises works specific parts of the body — especially those most prone to muscle loss as we age. But push-ups have a special place in my heart: Not only do they truly tone arms, they also help fight osteoporosis. Try escalating your squats and push-ups by holding the proper form and doing them a lot slower. Watch this to for more tips on proper form.

Eat less. The magic formula for losing that pesky winter weight is “Move your body more and your lips less.” The white stuff is not the right stuff here, so pare back on rice, potatoes, pasta and sugar while adding more vegetables — especially dark, leafy greens — to your diet, along with whole grains, beans, fish and lean meats. Check out this short video for ideas on what to put on your plate for maximum health and well-being. And for goodness sakes, drink a lot of water even if you experience bladder leaks!

Bonus tip: Don’t let bladder leaks become your excuse for not taking care of yourself or having fun. Wear the right protection, and be deliberate in carving out time to move your body every day, even if it means getting down on all fours to do planks at work. Just kick off your heels and get busy … like the crazy lady in the video below. You’ll be fit again by summer’s end!

Want more tips on living your best life? Want to continue the conversation? Connect with me on Facebook (Barbara Hannah Grufferman) and Twitter (Grufferman) and let’s keep talking! 

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Fat, Fat, Go Away, Asrai’s Touch Is Holding Sway http://venusblogs.com/fat-fat-go-away-asrais-touch-is-holding-sway/ http://venusblogs.com/fat-fat-go-away-asrais-touch-is-holding-sway/#respond Wed, 13 Apr 2016 14:17:59 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/fat-fat-go-away-asrais-touch-is-holding-sway/ ec752a6f-e072-48aa-85a8-3285dd966455Angela Lyon was always fit and active and never had to worry about what she ate or her clothing size. Then she turned 50 years old, and put on about 15 pounds during the next four years.

“My girlfriend and I were discussing how to deal with the things happening to our bodies. That was about five years ago,” Angela told FabOverFifty. That’s when she had her “aha” moment, which led to the creation of Asrai’s Touch, a kit that lets you freeze pesky body fat at home.

Angela tells us about herself, what Asrai’s Touch did for her, and who can benefit most from it.

Please tell us a little about your background?

I was a homemaker and a mom raising three kids in Sandy, UT, which is by the mountains and a great place if you’re a hiker. I have always done basic home improvements and enjoyed learning how things work. I did house flipping from the 1990s until the early 2000s. My husband is a manager at a car dealership.

What led to your “aha” moment?

My weight gain after I turned 50 was difficult to deal with and uncomfortable. My pants weren’t fitting and I had a muffin top, even though I wasn’t eating any muffins. It got to the point where I couldn’t deny or hide it anymore. My friend told me she heard that you could actually freeze fat, and I thought ‘how cool is that.’ I did research and discovered that fat could be compromised at the right temperature. The fat would die and the body could then flush it out.


That sounded like a great solution to my problem. I began to think whether I could create something that could be used at home to freeze the unwanted fat, without damaging the skin. I did research, pulling info from here, there and everywhere. And then, I was my own guinea pig. Could I do it?  How would it work? I designed my fat freezing system into a flexible body wrap.   

Once I figured out what to do, I saw quick results on my own body.  I lost an inch off my waistline in five days after my first application.  After my 2nd application, I lost another inch.  I lost a total of 4.5 inches off my waistline in less than 30 days, using this system one or two times a week.  My husband lost 5.5 inches in less than 6 weeks.  

How does Asrai’s Touch work?  

This simple-to-use system comes in a kit with a belt into which three special cooling packs are inserted. An exclusive thin-set lotion, with peppermint and other natural oils, is applied to your skin prior to wrapping the belt around the area where you want to reduce, whether it’s your thighs, saddle-bags, belly or love handles. This system will not only freeze fat, but it will ‘burn’ it as well.

The cooling packs are placed in the freezer to reach the proper temperature so they can work on the fat located directly under the skin. Although the cold reaches far beneath the skin, the packs and belt also are designed to help prevent damage to the skin. Once the fat cells are destroyed, the body flushes them out.  


We assume Asrai’s Touch doesn’t replace good diet and exercise?

Asrai’s Touch needs to be used along with a proper diet and exercise.  Let’s say you were able to kill all the fat cells in your body, except for the fat in your ankles.  If you didn’t maintain a balanced lifestyle with proper diet and exercise, you’d wind up with fat ankles. Killing fat cells in one area on your body, without the balanced lifestyle, will cause the other fat cells to get fatter.

One woman lost a total of 20 inches, but she didn’t stay with a sensible exercise and diet plan, so she put the fat back on. If you want the results to be permanent, it has be your first choice to lead and stick with a healthy lifestyle.  

On what kind of woman or man does Asrai’s Touch work best? At what age?

5a6bf0_ea2a02e0d3c91a377f7f74d9b81ce092It works best on the people who have the jiggly kind of fat, rather than hard, pregnant-like fat, which is more difficult to remove because it goes much deeper. You’re a good candidate if you’re 10 to 15 pounds overweight, maintain a good diet, and exercise.

Women in their 70s are seeing results, and I had a gentleman in his 90s who wanted to buy the kit. But you have to exercise caution since your skin gets thinner as you age.

Does it work better on one part of the body than another, and when do you start to see results?  

It works quickly and effectively on the thighs, especially on cellulite. Results tend to be slower on love handles. The fat above-the-belly-button will reduce more quickly than the ‘pouch’ below the belly-button. One woman, Sonya, recently called me excitedly from Atlanta and said, ‘I can’t talk, but I wanted to tell you that I’ve lost two inches already.’  At that time, she had only had her kit for less than a week.


…Read More

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The Western Medical System: All We Like Cattle http://venusblogs.com/the-western-medical-system-all-we-like-cattle/ http://venusblogs.com/the-western-medical-system-all-we-like-cattle/#respond Sun, 10 Apr 2016 15:08:02 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/the-western-medical-system-all-we-like-cattle/ Update: I’m currently wrapping up my master’s degree program this week and will complete it April 16th, at which time I will be back to regular blogging.  In the meantime, this is a post I wrote a few years ago that I thought would re-post for your reading pleasure.  Please feel free to contact me if […]

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BEAUTY BONUS: ANOTHER REASON TO RUN AFTER 45 http://venusblogs.com/beauty-bonus-another-reason-to-run-after-45/ http://venusblogs.com/beauty-bonus-another-reason-to-run-after-45/#respond Sat, 09 Apr 2016 11:38:27 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/beauty-bonus-another-reason-to-run-after-45/ Running, or even fast walking, offers many health benefits, even after 50: weight maintenance; appetite control; builds lower body muscle mass; helps to relieve stress and anxiety; and strengthens your heart and lungs.

Bonus: it also happens to be the #1 exercise to keep brains sharp as we get older.

If done right, we can run for the rest of our lives without fear of injury. And now we can add one more reason to our growing list of why it’s so good for us: younger looking skin.

New research, as reported in the New York Times recently, states that moderate exercise, even just 2 to 3 times a week, can actually change the composition of our facial skin.

Volunteers who were over 50 and in the “exercise group” started by having skin that was normal for their age. However, after three months of moderate exercise (jogging was specifically mentioned), their facial skin looked like that of someone much younger. In fact, samples of their skin looked like it was from a 20 – 30 year old person. Amazing, right?

Of course, we want to always do the “other things” to keep our skin glowing after 50. For some of the best tips on how to do just that, check out this video:


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The Price Of Keeping A Secret http://venusblogs.com/the-price-of-keeping-a-secret/ http://venusblogs.com/the-price-of-keeping-a-secret/#respond Thu, 07 Apr 2016 05:18:35 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/the-price-of-keeping-a-secret/ TheAdvocatesDaughter-cvrIf you’d like to immerse yourself in a suspense novel that gets your attention on page one, and keeps you guessing till the very end, grab a copy of The Advocate’s Daughter, by Anthony Franze (St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2016.)

A real-life appellate and Supreme Court lawyer at a leading Washington, DC firm, Anthony brings us into the fictitious life of Sean Serrat, one of the most respected legal minds in the country, who is on the short list to be nominated to the highest court in the land.  When Sean’s law-student daughter, Abby, is ruthlessly murdered in the Supreme Court library, her African American boyfriend is arrested, but soon Sean suspects he’s not the culprit, and sets out on his own to unveil the truth.spacer

“Sean ran up the stairs, but he felt hands on his arms. Two officers, one holding each bicep, were saying something, but he couldn’t process the words. Pacini also was yelling something he couldn’t make out. Their grip tightened as he started up the stairs. But he managed to break away.

“‘No, Sean, no!’ Pacini yelled as Sean pushed through to the dark crevice
between two massive bookshelves.

“Abby’s body was twisted, shoved into the bottom shelf. Blood was smeared on her face, her hair matted. She was pale white.

“And that’s the last thing Sean would remember from that day. That terrible day.”

As Sean delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding his daughter’s last days, he is forced to unearth a buried secret from his youth, and also discovers many more secrets than his own in the hallowed halls in DC. But some of the most powerful people in the country will stop at nothing to make certain that Sean never exposes the truth.

“Beyond the family aspects of the novel, The Advocate’s Daughter is about the price of secrets–both for those who keep them and those they love,” Anthony explained in an interview with Phillip Margolin, author of 17 best-selling novels and a former criminal defense attorney. “I’ve always been fascinated by stories you hear about prominent people who turn out to have dark secrets from their past. It must be such a burden to carry them around. And then when the secrets come out, as they always do, it’s not just the wrongdoers who pay the price. It’s their loved ones, their spouses, their kids,” Anthony continued. “So I took a youthful incident–a secret–and made it the force that motivated my protagonist to become one of the most prominent lawyers in the country. And then that same secret surfaces and threatens to cost him everything and everyone he loves.”

Anthony has what seems to be an effortless way with words, whether he’s masterfully portraying grief-stricken parents, a Supreme Court justice coming unhinged, or a brilliant and unshakable defense attorney. “Whether it’s a complex legal brief for a client or a heart-pounding chase scene for his latest thriller, Anthony is easily among the most gifted writers I’ve known,” said Stanton Jones, a partner in Anthony’s D.C. law firm. “For several years I’ve enjoyed reviewing sections of the manuscripts for his novels.  He has an unparalleled ability to turn out spectacular content in lightning speed.

“I like to joke that I can barely find time to read all the great stuff he writes; I have no idea where he finds the time to write all of it.  On a more personal level, Anthony has been an amazing mentor to me at the law firm.  And he’s an inspired and inspiring dad to his three kids.  In The Advocate’s Daughter, I especially loved how he developed Sean’s commitment to his daughter, his sons, and his wife.  That storyline has Anthony written all over it,” Stanton explained.


anthony-franze-press-1A graduate of Notre Dame Law School, 40-something Anthony has worked on over 30 cases in the U.S. Supreme Court and been named to the DC Super Lawyers list for appellate law. The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and other prestigious publications often quote or cite him concerning the Supreme Court, and he has been a commentator on high-court issues for The New Republic, Bloomberg, The National Law Journal, and Supreme Court Insider.

The author also has been an adjunct Professor of Law, and has lectured at law schools abroad.  His articles have been published in leading law journals, including the Harvard Journal of Law and the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law.

Anthony is the father of a daughter and two sons, one of whom has been accepted to New York University, dad proudly told us.  Dabbling in fiction as a kid, he played guitar in a rock band in high school and college, then picked up writing again after the birth of his first child. “I was up at weird hours, and I have memories of my son bundled in my lap and me pecking away at the computer. It kind of took off from there. It was a great creative outlet,” he says.


Anthony’s first novel, The Last Justice, was released in 2012. He is working on a third thriller.

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Physicians Heal Thyself (And Hopefully us Too!) http://venusblogs.com/physicians-heal-thyself-and-hopefully-us-too/ http://venusblogs.com/physicians-heal-thyself-and-hopefully-us-too/#respond Fri, 01 Apr 2016 14:37:37 +0000 http://venusblogs.com/physicians-heal-thyself-and-hopefully-us-too/ If you follow my blogs, then you know that I speak a lot to the over-all experience of perimenopause and menopause.  I also speak a lot to the actual symptoms of perimenopause.  But, as any woman knows who has gone through perimenopause, it is far more than just hot flashes and night sweats. It certainly was […]

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