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Menopause and Skincare

Gabrielle Vaughn
 | Blogger

You may have noticed that the older you get, the drier your skin becomes. As women age, their skin suffers a slowdown in oil production and cell turnover, especially after menopause; dry skin and menopause often become synonymous for most women. To keep dry skin in the best condition possible, it’s important to use proper cleansers that won’t deplete skin of moisture and to exfoliate on a weekly basis. Most important, you’ll need to keep skin moisturized throughout the day.

The delicate skin of the internal and external vagina is especially sensitive, and it may be more susceptible to dryness and irritation than other areas of the body. Skin care during menopause may seem easy, but moisturizers intended for the face or body can cause redness, irritation and discomfort when applied to this delicate skin. Instead, choose products designed especially for the vagina and surrounding area, such as Dr. Blatt’s PrivateRx brand of intimate skin care.

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Sex After Menopause? Bring it!

Adrian Lamb | Blogger On the Go

According to – 8 Reasons Sex Is Better After 50 makes a fairly good argument for sexual prowess after menopause. Boy, that menopause has such a bad rap, doesn’t it? It’s not like we just shrivel up and die, in fact, it’s quite the opposite – we thrive. It’s insulting to keep this myth alive, to think that women are spent and worthless after they’ve reached 50 years of age. Hell, depending on the woman – she’s only just begun to live her life. And while it’s a matter of attitude, it’s also physical. Yes, a woman will undergo changes in her physicality – but that doesn’t mean she stops being sexual. For some women over 50 – sex is a brand new highway, and she’s going to ride it – all night long.

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Like a Virgin – Vaginoplasty

Gabrielle Vaughn
 | Blogger

It was early morning and the store hadn’t opened its doors yet. I stood by my register and neatened the counter in preparation for the day’s events. The other cosmetics salesgirls gathered to my right, sipping their coffees and checking their make-up.

Tess, the display girl, worked the mannequins. Her work was sublime, yet her personal style always seemed to ruffle the prim and proper feathers of my co-workers. Being that Tess was contracted as an “artiste of the floor,” she was not bound by the same dress code, as were the sales associates. Her arms revealed flamboyant tattoos, her lips, eyebrows and ears were dramatically pierced, and her hair was bright blue. Read more

Spotlight: Internal Vaginal Moisturizer

Adrian Lamb | Blogger On the Go

Our super-moisturizing system immediately goes to work providing soothing relief from irritation and soreness by moisturizing dry vaginal walls. PrivateRx Internal Vaginal Moisturizer, a powerful yet gentle formula, is specially formulated to rejuvenate and moisturize the internal walls of the vagina to provide relief from internal vaginal dryness associated with menopause. It can be used any time, day or night. PrivateRx Internal Vaginal Moisturizer works best when used on a regular basis and not just prior to intercourse. Because PrivateRx delivers long-lasting moisture, there is no need to apply it just prior to intercourse. We recommend using this product at least two hours prior to intercourse to allow proper moisturizing. Lasts for up to three days.

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What is Vaginal Atrophy?

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blog Lady

According to the Mayo Clinic, vaginal atrophy, also called atrophic vaginitis, is thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to your body having less estrogen. Vaginal atrophy occurs most often after menopause, but it can also develop during breast-feeding or at any other time your body’s estrogen production declines.

For many women, vaginal atrophy makes intercourse painful — and if intercourse hurts, your interest in sex will naturally decrease. In addition, healthy genital function is closely connected with healthy urinary system function.

Simple, effective treatments for vaginal atrophy are available. Reduced estrogen levels result in changes to your body, but it doesn’t mean you have to live with the discomfort of vaginal atrophy.  Read more

The Little Loose Vagina – a tale of hope

Evan Chen | Blogger Extraordinaire

“Ha-ha-ha, ho-ho-ho, and a couple of tra-la-las – that’s how we laugh the day away in the merry old Land of Oz…”

Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz, when – upon arriving at the gates of the Emerald City – Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion are swiftly ushered into a gloriously green world filled with multicolored ponies and eccentric spa technicians who lay them out on individual and specialized tables where they are then primped, groomed and gussied up to the nines? Well, that’s kind of how I envision the world of Vaginal Rejuvenation. Read more

Can We Not? (have sex, that is)

Evan Chen | Blogger Extraordinaire

I have a friend who claims to be an asexual. Asexual is a word that, to me, suggests a single celled organism. Isn’t an asexual a creature who divides in two — or some kind of dual-gendered seahorse who fertilizes and carries his/her offspring to term?

So, I asked her whatever did she mean by this claim, and she said, “Well, I just don’t partake in sexual activity.” It seemed simple enough, yet I still couldn’t quite grasp this seemingly unnatural lack of sex-drive.

“Ah,” I said. “So you’ve taken a vow of celibacy?”

“No, it’s not that complicated. I just don’t like sex, so I don’t have it.”

I was confused. What on earth would ever make her abstain from glorious, wondrous, ecstatic sex? Did sex cause her pain? Was it an emotional abstinence? Did something happen to her that made her equate sex with negativity? What was wrong with her that she didn’t like sex?

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PrivateRx Helps With Sexual Pain

Evan Chen | Contributor

Millions of women experience vaginal discomfort, and sometimes crippling pain, for a variety of reasons, most often a loss of estrogen. The resulting vaginal dryness and atrophy can make sexual intercourse, a pelvic exam, urinating, or even sitting, walking or cycling a painful nightmare.

Among the many patients treated by Dr. Deborah Coady, a New York gynecologist and author, with Nancy Fish, of “Healing Painful Sex,” are those told by other doctors that “It’s all in your head,” “You just need to relax,” “There must be something wrong in your relationship,” or “There’s nothing physically wrong with you.” One doctor even suggested that a patient tell her boyfriend to get another girlfriend. Read more

Female Lust, 50+

Adrian Lamb | Blogger Extraordinaire

I‘m not exactly a super sexual person. I’m still interested but I just have very specific preferences when it comes to sex. I’m in my fifties now, so I no longer have the frisky energy of a younger woman. When I was young and hungry for sex, the world was my playground. I was out to conquer and be conquered. Age puts perspective on things.

It’s that very lack of desperation that’s freed me, sexually speaking. Having come to terms with the mature woman that I’ve become, I’m finally in touch with what I want. And what I want is younger men.

Fortunately, younger men seem to gravitate toward me. When I first noticed this phenomenon, I thought NO WAY! What could these young dudes see in me? Recently, a lovely man of about 23 approached me. He could hardly catch his breath while telling me how beautiful he thought I was. I laughed in his face. In my mind I looked more like an exhumed corpse than an object of lust on that bright (very bright) afternoon.

As he reached out to touch my bare arm and caressed it. Uh oh, this guy was serious. I must admit, it was an incredible turn on. He asked for my number and I gave it to him, still laughing. Did I really want to pursue this, or was this just a perfect moment unto itself? Either way, his attention thrilled me. Read more

Vaginal History 101: The Sexual Origin of Lipstick

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger Du Jour

Some say that lipstick was first created to make the facial lips resemble the vaginal lips, and that if a woman reddened and moistened her own, she might be able to present herself as an attractive and sexually enticing creature.

The concept of reddening the facial lips started with Cleopatra, who used the bright red powder of crushed carmine beetles to spice up the look of her own lips.

However, the idea of moistening the lips came from a different source. As it was back in the days of court jesters, fire-eaters, harem girls and entertainers — female sword swallowers needed to moisten their lips and throats in order to successfully glide an entire sword down their gullet. Dry lips just wouldn’t do, and before anyone knew it, the thought of a wet-lipped female sword swallower became the double entendre for an alluring practitioner of fellatio.

We won’t even go into gloss…