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Was It Snow for You?

Gabrielle Vaughn
 | Blogger

I just got off the phone with my mother, who lives on New York City’s upper east side. Seems the city is shut down – possibly prematurely? Mom reports that’s the blizzard that is supposed to cover the city in two feet’s worth of frozen white goodness looks like a half an inch of snow on her block.

But! Alas, the stars who make the news can still grab a piece of celebrity in their quest to always be on camera with intense ‘news’ – Next week, an even bigger blizzard is coming!

Does that mean a whole inch?

Years ago, I was on my way to a convention, where I was supposed to give a lecture on hair care – it was a hard, hard icy snow and I slipped and cracked my hip. The show went on and I made it to my engagement, despite my aching body. Now, snow and ice scare me – so my take-away was fear.

Whether you got the crazy half an inch of snow – or you’re the next Jack Torrence, stuck in your own personal Overlook from The Shining, take very good care out there. It’s not easy to get around, and it’s not only the snow that can make things difficult. Look where you walk – the ice is invisible. Be careful, watch your footing, and look at what you’re about to step on. While it’s laughable to think a half an inch is any kind of serious threat – it’s still slippery, and a fall is a fall. Watch your step out there!

Be safe.

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Body Beautiful Carrying On

Gabrielle Vaughn
 | Blogger

I just read this article, What Kylie Jenner Wearing A DUFF Shirt Means For Plus Size Women Everywhere – and loved it. I’m so glad there’s a consciousness that pushes self acceptance. What a world we’d live in, what a personalized experience of the world we live in if we all had true self acceptance, and self esteem. I don’t usually turn to Kylie Jenner for any kind of daily revelation, but there is something interesting about her playing the lesser and making us all question the levels of beauty, and how no matter who you are or what you look like, you could always be somebody’s DUFF.

There’s no telling when the term DUFF (acronymous for Designated Ugly Fat Friend) originated exactly, but it certainly reached a seemingly climactic moment in 2010 upon the release of Kody Keplinger’s novel The DUFF — a body positive book exploring the subjectivity of beauty and desire. And five years later, we’re seeing something of a resurgence of the word due to CBS’s February 20th release of the novel’s film adaptation starring the fabulous Mae Whitman. With Kylie’s newfound ownership of the term, well, my guess is it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Read more

The Rise of Viola Davis

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger Deluxe
Photograph by ABC

When we’re looking for female strength in character – in television and in the movies, 2014 definitely brought us a few ultimate role models. Somehow, thankfully,  we’ve evolved past the limits of Barbie doll skinny-blonde-youthful into the concept of what real women are doing and can potentially do. Enter Viola Davis, and her amazing presence as Professor Annalise Keating, in the hit TV series, ‘How to Get Away With Murder’.

It’s nice to see middle aged women getting kudos, in fact, it’s nice when we can recognize women for more than just their beauty.  Ms. Davis is such a tour de force, and while she is indeed a beautiful woman, what makes her special comes from inside: she’s filled with a light that cannot be denied, and thankfully, she has the talent to deliver that light to us in ways that are not only entertaining, but inspiring as well.  Read more

The Power of Grandma

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger Deluxe
Photograph by Paola Gianturco

Grandmas are livin’ loud and large these days. Tara Sophia Mohr, expert on women’s leadership and well-being, talks about the wonderful and eye-opening new book, Grandmother Power, A Global Phenomenon by Paola Gianturco.

Here is an excerpt from her Huffington Post interview with Gianturco:

Tara: How did the idea for your new book, Grandmother Power, come about?

Paola: In 2006, I met heroic grandmothers all over Africa who were raising their grandchildren who had been orphaned by AIDS. While still grieving for their children, they somehow managed to care for youngsters, sometimes as many as 15 at a time. I was convinced that the future of that continent rests in the hands of its grandmothers and wondered what grandmothers were doing in other parts of the world. I discovered an unheralded, international activist grandmothers movement.

Tara: How would you describe this movement, this phenomenon, that you call Grandmother Power? Read more

Pretty Proud Women


Evan Chen | Blogger Extraordinaire

Tell me that when you see this photo with this tweet that you don’t just feel so happy for Barack Obama, that he gets to be in the presence of these awesome women. Any man who can rise to power and handle to power of the women in the family is a man who has a special experience of life. Women are worth knowing, and these gorgeous ladies below are such a statement of power and balance.


Someday we’ll be able to see our beauty in all different packages, we’ll be able to accept the power within us and let it shine, no matter who we are. Michelle and Malia, the First Lady and first daughter of the White House. Hail to the queens.

What He Thinks We Want in Bed

Adrian Lamb | Blogger On the Go

According to Erin Stevens, of Men’s Fitness, men have a very distinct roll call list of what they believe will bring a woman to orgasm. When I first read the article, before actually focusing, I automatically assumed they’d not only get it dead wrong, but that it would end up being comedy, a gag article. On further inspection – these dudes aren’t that far offbase. What do you think, ladies?

Of the 9 Sex Positions That’ll Get Her Off Every Time which ones would you tend to agree or disagree with?

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They Make it Look So Easy

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger Du Jour

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate self-discipline as an invisible magic. You can’t see, taste, or smell it, but its effects are unmistakable. It can transform overweight into slim, uninformed into expert, poor into rich, and misery into happiness. It’s the submerged part of the iceberg others don’t see when they see a person’s “genius.”

For example, celebrities have never been more visible in our culture. Famous athletes, talented actors and actresses, and incredible musicians are all over the media. But what we don’t see are the thousands of hours of super-focused work these people have put in behind the scenes to get to where they are.

It’s easy to feel that success comes easily – that it’s just a matter of luck, or an innate gift. But anyone who has achieved anything has done so because they’ve been able to control and direct their own inner strengths and actions to the extent that has enabled them to become super-skilled at what they do. And this kind of self-discipline, like a muscle, can be developed by all of us, including you.

– Marc Chernoff “Secret Tricks of Highly Productive, Self-Disciplined People”

The photo depicts Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, both stellar examples of self-discipline, both leaders in women’s rights.

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It’s Egg-Freezing Time

Evan Chen | Contributor

Egg freezing. As they say these days, “It’s a thing now.”

If you’ve been awake over the last few days and you’ve managed to hear above the words, ebola and Isis, then you may have heard the news that Facebook and Apple are now willing to pay for the freezing of their female employees ovum. According to The Guardian, the new trend is apparently very exciting news for women younger than age 40. Read more

Is It Pinktober Yet?

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger du Jour

Well, we’ve hit October – time to do things in pink. Wait, what are we celebrating again?

Oh yeah. Breast cancer awareness month. Not a celebration, though you sure would think so with all the happy pink bubbles. You know what pink made me aware of? That pink exists but a cure does not. Pink let me know that money exists – but still, the cure eludes us.

It’s Pinktober again — and you know what that means? It means that we the people get to celebrate the sisterhood of the traveling cancer, with pretty pink parades and pinky-pink ribbons. Let’s march through the streets, hand in hand O My Sisters, ’cause fighting cancer is a pretty pink bonding experience. Yippy, skippy! Read more