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PrivateRx Helps With Sexual Pain

Evan Chen | Contributor

Millions of women experience vaginal discomfort, and sometimes crippling pain, for a variety of reasons, most often a loss of estrogen. The resulting vaginal dryness and atrophy can make sexual intercourse, a pelvic exam, urinating, or even sitting, walking or cycling a painful nightmare.

Among the many patients treated by Dr. Deborah Coady, a New York gynecologist and author, with Nancy Fish, of “Healing Painful Sex,” are those told by other doctors that “It’s all in your head,” “You just need to relax,” “There must be something wrong in your relationship,” or “There’s nothing physically wrong with you.” One doctor even suggested that a patient tell her boyfriend to get another girlfriend. Read more

Menopause – Will It Last Forever?

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger Du Jour

I stopped having my period about 3 years ago, and let me tell you that it’s been nothing but a joy ride since. Wait – did I say ‘joy ride’? Oh, I must have made a mistake, I mean to say ‘hella hot flash sweat ride’. Yes, that’s the ticket.

Will it ever end? Does it end with me just being an old lady with withered skin? Why is all this water just pouring out of my body and how long will it take before I’m so drained of fluid that I get that corpse husk look we all so love?

I will tell you this…menopause isn’t the psycho scenario that I thought it would be. No matter how much I flood my face with my own spur of the moment super sweat, in the long run, that’s about all that’s going on with me. I’ve learned that if your personal world isn’t run amok with boils, plague and locusts – you’ve basically got it good and gratitude is due. So, my menopausal gratitude list goes as follows: Read more

They Make it Look So Easy

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger Du Jour

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate self-discipline as an invisible magic. You can’t see, taste, or smell it, but its effects are unmistakable. It can transform overweight into slim, uninformed into expert, poor into rich, and misery into happiness. It’s the submerged part of the iceberg others don’t see when they see a person’s “genius.”

For example, celebrities have never been more visible in our culture. Famous athletes, talented actors and actresses, and incredible musicians are all over the media. But what we don’t see are the thousands of hours of super-focused work these people have put in behind the scenes to get to where they are.

It’s easy to feel that success comes easily – that it’s just a matter of luck, or an innate gift. But anyone who has achieved anything has done so because they’ve been able to control and direct their own inner strengths and actions to the extent that has enabled them to become super-skilled at what they do. And this kind of self-discipline, like a muscle, can be developed by all of us, including you.

– Marc Chernoff “Secret Tricks of Highly Productive, Self-Disciplined People”

The photo depicts Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman-Hughes, both stellar examples of self-discipline, both leaders in women’s rights.

For information on intimate skincare for mature women, please get to know us at PrivateRx.

Use It or Lose It – Aging Today

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger Du Jour

According to Ann Brenoff, there are 6 Facts we all need to pay attention to when it comes to aging. In her Huffington Post Fifty article, she writes:

The “use it or lose it” mantra applies to many body parts, including your brain.
“Use it or lose it” has long been our beacon of guidance for all things aging. Keep exercising to keep your bones and muscles strong; don’t exercise and you will become frail faster. And now researchers have linked what we do with our brains with the long-term risk for dementia. Those who are more mentally active or maintain an active cognitive lifestyle throughout their lives are at lower risk, writes Science Daily.

Here’s a crazy thought before you reach for the book of crossword puzzles: Could increased reliance on things like GPS systems and mobile phone address books mean less exercise for the part of your brain that helps you recall things or determine spacial orientation? Instead of turning over your brain functions to a computer, try dialing phone numbers from memory or do your marketing without a list. For extra credit points, figure out how to get somewhere using a map. So retro, right?

And we thought that only applied to sex, right? To read more about aging and what we need to do to slow down the process – 6 Facts About Aging Everyone Should Know — But Doesn’t

For information on intimate skincare for mature women, please get to know us at PrivateRx.

Female Lust, 50+

Adrian Lamb | Blogger Extraordinaire

I‘m not exactly a super sexual person. I’m still interested but I just have very specific preferences when it comes to sex. I’m in my fifties now, so I no longer have the frisky energy of a younger woman. When I was young and hungry for sex, the world was my playground. I was out to conquer and be conquered. Age puts perspective on things.

It’s that very lack of desperation that’s freed me, sexually speaking. Having come to terms with the mature woman that I’ve become, I’m finally in touch with what I want. And what I want is younger men.

Fortunately, younger men seem to gravitate toward me. When I first noticed this phenomenon, I thought NO WAY! What could these young dudes see in me? Recently, a lovely man of about 23 approached me. He could hardly catch his breath while telling me how beautiful he thought I was. I laughed in his face. In my mind I looked more like an exhumed corpse than an object of lust on that bright (very bright) afternoon.

As he reached out to touch my bare arm and caressed it. Uh oh, this guy was serious. I must admit, it was an incredible turn on. He asked for my number and I gave it to him, still laughing. Did I really want to pursue this, or was this just a perfect moment unto itself? Either way, his attention thrilled me. Read more

Vaginal History 101: The Sexual Origin of Lipstick

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger Du Jour

Some say that lipstick was first created to make the facial lips resemble the vaginal lips, and that if a woman reddened and moistened her own, she might be able to present herself as an attractive and sexually enticing creature.

The concept of reddening the facial lips started with Cleopatra, who used the bright red powder of crushed carmine beetles to spice up the look of her own lips.

However, the idea of moistening the lips came from a different source. As it was back in the days of court jesters, fire-eaters, harem girls and entertainers — female sword swallowers needed to moisten their lips and throats in order to successfully glide an entire sword down their gullet. Dry lips just wouldn’t do, and before anyone knew it, the thought of a wet-lipped female sword swallower became the double entendre for an alluring practitioner of fellatio.

We won’t even go into gloss…

It’s Egg-Freezing Time

Evan Chen | Contributor

Egg freezing. As they say these days, “It’s a thing now.”

If you’ve been awake over the last few days and you’ve managed to hear above the words, ebola and Isis, then you may have heard the news that Facebook and Apple are now willing to pay for the freezing of their female employees ovum. According to The Guardian, the new trend is apparently very exciting news for women younger than age 40. Read more

Menopause and Body Image

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger du Jour

I remember watching my 80-year old grandmother making a face of disgust as she looked into her make-up mirror one day. She’d say, “Look at me, I’m an old lady. Yugh!” She’d smile at me like it was funny, but I knew she was sharing a real life disappointment.

I also remember agreeing with her in my head, thinking, “Yes gramma, you are an old lady,” but I didn’t think that being old made one an object of disgust. I also thought that it must have been sad for her to have lived all those years and not have come into some sort of self acceptance. You would think that the wisdom of age would compensate for the corruption of the body, wouldn’t you? You would think that wisdom itself would somehow prepare us for an old age where we look at our faces and bodies and just know that this is the way it is, and that what we’ve got is both natural and inevitable.

So much for the wisdom of age, huh?

Self acceptance — especially for women and their bodies — has always been a tall order. And such a simple equation too: Love yourself + wrinkles, bags and sags = happy life. Another one of those things that’s good in theory, but rarely makes it into our real lives.

Read more

Is It Pinktober Yet?

Gabrielle Vaughn | Blogger du Jour

Well, we’ve hit October – time to do things in pink. Wait, what are we celebrating again?

Oh yeah. Breast cancer awareness month. Not a celebration, though you sure would think so with all the happy pink bubbles. You know what pink made me aware of? That pink exists but a cure does not. Pink let me know that money exists – but still, the cure eludes us.

It’s Pinktober again — and you know what that means? It means that we the people get to celebrate the sisterhood of the traveling cancer, with pretty pink parades and pinky-pink ribbons. Let’s march through the streets, hand in hand O My Sisters, ’cause fighting cancer is a pretty pink bonding experience. Yippy, skippy! Read more