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My Legitimate Rape

ABORTION, PREGNANCY Sandra Harmon | VenusBlogs Contributor t was 1959. Eisenhower was President, “Ben Hur” was the highest grossing picture, with “Sleeping Beauty” coming in second, and “Some Like It Hot” third. I was nearly twenty-one years old, reasonably pretty, … rape/">Continue reading

The Hell of Jealousy

Jealousy is a strange thing, isn’t it? Of all the human emotions we can feel, jealousy seems to be at the top of the garbage heap. I think what makes jealousy so extra ugly is that when it hits you, … Continue reading

50 Shades of Controversy

If there’s anyone in the world who hit the jackpot, it’s author, E.L. James and her world-acclaimed/ridiculed trilogy of erotic trash-fantasy: 50 Shades of Grey. It really doesn’t matter what she does or who says what about her work – … Continue reading

The White Stuff of Nightmares

HEALTH & WELL BEING Tameka Mullins | VenusBlogs Contributor Photo: A Scenery of Loss Originally published here on VenusBlogs March 8, 2013 wasn’t born, I was adopted.” Those six words won me a Smith Magazine Facebook contest in 2011. Because … Continue reading

No Fan of Menopause

MENOPAUSE Gabrielle Vaughn | VenusBlogs Editor at Large here is no beating menopause. When she wants her way, she gets it. You might try to tame her into submission with black cohosh and other herbal supplements, but she will only … Continue reading